Witch Hazel: Skin Magic


         Hamamelis virginiana: Better known as witch hazel, is the foundation of our aftershave splash. Witch hazel is made from the bark and leaves of the eponymous flower.  While the name has nothing to do with witches, the flowers give a spider-like impression. The flowers contain a natural astringent called tannins, tightening the pores on the skin. This gives witch hazel a variety of skin issues it can tackle, such as acne, bruises, itching, bug bites, burns, and inflammations. Witch Hazel can be applied by hand or using a cotton swab. Witch hazel itself contains no alcohol but is distilled using it.

         One reason we decided to go with a witch hazel-based aftershave splash is because it is not as harsh on the skin as alcohol. Alcohol dries out the skin and while witch hazel contains about 14 percent alcohol, it won’t be as drying as an alcohol based aftershave splash. Some of us have oily skin and therefore like to use alcohol-based aftershaves. This is called mattification and while alcohol does help, the response of the skin is to produce more oils, defeating the purpose. Witch hazel can be used for similar results without the response. Witch Hazel is also used as a skin toner, meaning that it cleans the skin and tightens the pores. I myself have used witch hazel based aftershaves as part of my skin care routine, regardless of having shaved or not. Witch Hazel is much better for sensitive skin, something that Brenten can attest to. When deciding what to be the base of the aftershave splash, it was a no-brainer. Witch Hazel is also great for the winter months. We are based in Chicago, IL and we certainly experience some rough cold months. On top of not drying out the skin, witch hazel can be mixed with other ingredients to help keep the skin moist. For our product, we include aloe vera, rose water and glycerin for that smooth, post shave feeling.

         Another major reason we offer our aftershave splash in a witch hazel base is that alcohol is in high demand due to the COVID-19 pandemic we are currently facing. Given the circumstances and who needs alcohol more, we went with witch hazel.  Witch Hazel is not as in demand as alcohol and that makes it easier for us to get a hold of to have for our products.  We here at Apex Alchemy want our customers to enjoy our products and we believe that witch hazel is perfect for the job. Witch Hazel is great for our customers who have sensitive skin and/or those want to moisturize their skin after a nice shave.



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