The Superiority of Shaving Soap for Long Term Skincare


     When you see the word “soap”, you tend to think about a product that is used to clean your body/hands/ etc. But shaving soap is a different kind of soap. Shaving soap has been around for a couple of centuries at this point. Much like safety razors, some mass-produced product that isn’t really effective too has replaced it. Shaving gel has since become far more popular than shaving soap, but that doesn’t mean it is the better of the two.

 Shaving soap tends to be significantly more natural than these nasty gels that you can find in most stores. They contain various oils and butters. Potassium Hydroxide and Sodium Hydroxide are indeed chemicals but that is not the final product. To be considered a soap, according to the FDA,” soap must be the product of alkali salts from fatty acids”.  Shaving soap is a lot better for the skin given that the oils and butters found gave great properties for the skin. Less irritation and ill reactions will be caused by the shaving soap. This also applies to sensitive skin.

Shaving soap isn’t only more natural and better for your skin, but it can also be better for the environment. This is due to the more natural ingredients found in compared to your typical shaving gel. The ingredients are names of things that you can actually pronounce. Shaving soap will also last you a lot longer compared to shaving gel. One contain of shaving soap will likely see several dozens of uses compared to the shaving gel. You will get your money’s worth with proper technique and a good soap


Sensitive skin products are our focus here at Apex Alchemy. We love unique scents but most importantly our ingredients will improve the quality of your skin with appropriate use. Our combination of ingredients evident on all of our labels promote cleanliness but the addition of our aftershave is what completes this duo. The ingredients will reduce skin irritation and our humectants will drive moisture to the skin. The overall after effect is clearer, less irritated skin even if you had a rough shave. Give our sets a try and become a believer. 


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