The First Dual Launch of the Year

      If you are reading this, To the Moon and Cold One have been released! These have been some of our most anticipated products to date. For those who have made their purchase already, we truly appreciate your business! For those looking for samples, we are throwing samples of these releases with orders not containing the full size products of this release. This is the first dual launch of 2021, which was more frequent last year.      

         As a small recap, To The Moon is our rocket pop scent. If you have ever had a rocket Popsicle and thought it would be a great scent to shave with, this is it. Cherry, Lime and Blue Raspberry, the 3 main colors and a cooling effect. To further add to the similarities, we included the same synthetic cooling agent that was in Brain Freeze and Rest and Relaxation last year. We took feedback from these products and amped up the chill factor. When you pair the shaving soap with the aftershave, the cooling effect should last 1-hour minimum.  Due to this being synthetic menthol, it builds up to the cold feeling instead of being almost instantaneous. Too The Moon also has a label designed by Paul Ramirez, who designed the Nectar of The Gods label as well. The design features the Doge meme. In case you didn’t know, we accept crypto currency as payment, including Dogecoin!

         Cold One also takes its name from an internet meme, in this case being the “ Cracking open a cold one with the boys” meme. Here at Apex Alchemy, we love a nice cold cola and thus had to make a cola scented shaving soap. Synthetic menthol is also present in this particular scent and it really makes you feel like you are cracking open a cold one.  

         This is our summer release for the year and it has a very American vibe to it as well. However, we offer international shipping for those who wish to experience To The Moon and Cold One! We have already shipped to Japan, Russia and various European countries such as Italy, France and England to name a few. Our witch-hazel based aftershaves allow us to ship these items out of the United States without the need of a third-party retailer. Apex Alchemy Shaving is something for everyone around the globe!



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