Shavettes: The Razor from Two Worlds

              Last week, I wrote a blog to educate people interested in straight razors. This week’s blog will be one to provide information on shavettes, another shaving instrument, closely related to double edge razors and straight razors. Shavettes are interesting razors in that they take aspects of both the aforementioned razors. Shavettes have the appearance of a straight razor, but the blades are swapped in and out for a new one after a few uses. One thing must be made clear if you are considering getting a shavette; It is not a training or beginner’s straight razor. They are similar physically and in usage, but that is where the commonality ends.

            Shavettes are considered a hybrid of its siblings but it does have some unique aspects as well. Shaves can be made from steel and/or plastic and can accept different blades, some times more than a double edge razor. Plastic shavettes can sometimes come with two different blade holders that are inserted into the shavette. Typically, one of the holders accepts shavette blades that are sold in packs. The other holder can accept double edge blades, but first the blade itself must be split in half by folding it. This allows for your number of blades to be potentially doubled if you use these. The pure steel types of shavettes accept the half double edge blades as well. Because they can accept these blades, which means you will have to go about finding the perfect blade for the shavette. If you are used to a double edge razor and have your preferred blade with it, that same blade will perform differently in shavettes.

            The shavette looks a lot like a straight razor but it doesn’t require the same amount of rigorous care. Since the blades are swapped in and out, you don’t need a strop for it or the mineral oil. They also won’t break the bank as much too. Some shavettes can be in the ballpark of $20 to $50 but there are certainly more expensive models. Shavettes, like all razors, should be kept out of humid areas and stored in a dry area. Regardless if it is made from plastic or steel, the razor should not be dropped and handled with care.

            Shavettes are interesting to own and make a wonderful addition to any shave den. They can be like a straight razor in appearance but without the need to care for it as much. They can accept different kinds of blades like its double edge counterpart.   



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