Eau de Parfums

 It has been a while since one of these was written but it seems appropriate to do so again.  We here at Apex Alchemy hope the New Year brings boons for everyone. Now for some news from us, we are introducing our newest products, Eau de Parfums (EdP/s from here on out). We released His and Hers in December and they are scents inspired by particular colognes and perfumes. So I figured why not talk about EdPs

 Now you may be thinking, “ What the hell is the difference between a perfume and an EdP”? It comes down to the composure of each product. Perfumes have less alcohol and water present and have a stronger percentage of fragrance oil than an EdP. Perfumes are meant to have a scent that lingers on you for at least 6 to 8 hours. The fragrance oil makes up about 20 to 30 percent of the full product. An EdP has more alcohol and water present in its ingredients and has less fragrance oil when compared to a perfume, with a general range of 15 to 20 percent. It should be noted that these are the average percentages of EdPs and there are those with a higher percentage of fragrance oil and are still considered EdP due to alcohol and water content. As a result of less fragrance oil being present, an EdP should linger for at least 5 hours once applied.

Eau de Parfums may not last as long as perfumes, but that does have some advantages. One is a reduced cost when compared to a perfume. In these types of  products, fragrance oil makes up most of the cost. Thus, less fragrance oil leads to a lower cost for you! Another advantage is that with less fragrance oil present, the less likely your skin is to be irritated by it. Fragrance oil can be one of the major culprits behind skin irritation in these lines of products. We aim to provide products that do not irritate the skin since we have had issues with our skin in the past.

         His and Hers will be available as Eau de Parfums around Valentine’s Day 2021 and are now available as shaving soaps and aftershave splashes. These are our first ever EdPs and there will certainly be more as the year progresses. 2020 was a shit year in many ways, so why don’t we make 2021 a better one?

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