Beard Butter and Beard Oil

The world of wetshaving isn’t simply about removing unwanted facial hair. Beards and moustaches also are prominent among us and some of us style our facial hair too.  Beard balms, beard oils and beard butters are crucial to maintaining the desired facial hair. These products can help promote facial hair growth, but it isn’t the cause of growth. Not everybody is capable of growing a beard and that is ok. Some want a small to medium beard. Others want that big beard for a gruffer look.  Beard balm is for those with a short beard who want to keep it well groomed whereas beard butter is great for all beard lengths. They are both great for conditioning and styling your facial hair, so the difference comes from the amount you want to have and some different ingredients.

         Beard oil is a product for the skin that has beard growth. It is meant to reduce some of the itch and flakiness that can occur when growing a beard. It is imperative to first shower before applying beard products. If you can’t shower, at least wash your face and beard. Dry your face and beard and then apply. You will want to massage it into your face or you may use a beard brush to better apply it.  

After that is done, it is time for your beard butter or balm. Beard butter can be used to style and condition your beard. Continuing from the application of the beard oil, you can apply beard butter to your facial hair. You should grab a reasonable amount of the beard butter. Think about how much of a beard you have, but don’t over do it. A little goes a long way when it comes to beard butter. You will apply the butter to your face and massage into your beard. A comb can be a big help getting the butter in and styling it. Beard butter can also carry a fragrance that will linger on your beard. The same applies to beard balms. Butter or balm is a personal choice, much like what you use in your wetshaving routine. Beard butter also traps a nice amount of moisture that will keep your beard from drying out. It also boasts the effects of beard oil due to this.

Apex Alchemy has been working on our own beard butter and oil. It is planned for release later this month and will be coming in our Speakeasy scent. We hope you are as excited as we are!

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